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We try to make shopping experience seamless and easy on our website. Here is, detailed tutorial on how to order desired products on our website:

(Without registration) Add desired product to cart, then "proceed to checkout", fill the billing details (first name, last name, address, phone, email,) choose one from the payment methods (Standard shipping, Pick Up, Cash on delivery, or Fast delivery), then mark "I have read and agree to the website terms and conditions"and click “Buy”. You will be prompted to bank payment page, where you have to fill in your credit card details (credit card number, month/year, CVC code and the name of the card owner) and press “Pay”.  

*in the "discount code" you fill in 5 % discount code, which you will receive on your email, if you order 150 Gel and above, you can use this code on the next order during 10 days. If you don't have discount code skip this box and press "buy". 





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